Post-extrusion Systems

From raw-extrudates to finished product

Though the extruder is the key processing unit in the production of an extruded product, the product emerging from the extruder - called the "extrudate" is often an unfinished product. This product must be then processed further through one or more of the following steps -

  • Cutting/forming
  • Drying
  • Flavouring
  • cooling

before it is rendered ready for packaging for consumption.

The design and layout of the post-extrusion processing equipments depends on many factors. The main among these are the physical characteristics of the base product (size and shape) and the characteristics desired of the final product.

Schaaf offers the option of compact post-extrusion equipments, designed to perform a certain set of post-extrusion operations in a specific sequence as well as flexible post-extrusion systems capable of handling a wide range of post-extrusion systems whose sequence can be easily altered by the user.

Proper post-extrusion processing is very important to provide the product an attractive taste and visual appeal which is necessary for its acceptance by the customer.