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Raw material preparation

The material supply of various traditional raw material components can take place in different ways. Single-product production plants designed for efficiency are usually connected to a fully automated, centrally controlled raw material supply system.

If different products with changing raw material components are to be produced, manual weighing of the raw material components is often indispensable in order to maximize flexibility.

Batch mixer

Batch mixers in two different sizes for different extruder models are available for processing the raw materials. Both models are made of stainless steel for hygienic production and feature an optimised design for uniform mixing of the components. Optionally, both mixers can be equipped with a system for automatic water addition.

Batch mixer 450

The basic mixer with a gross volume of 450 litres is suitable for supplying the extruder model 640 with raw material mixtures. Two 200 kg batches can be processed per hour.

Batch mixer 900

A batch mixer with a gross volume of 900 litres is available for the 9250 and 1200 extruder models, which can process two 350 kg batches per hour.

Batch mixer 900

Conveying screw

The mixed raw materials are conveyed into a storage tank using conveying screws. From there, the following dosing units are supplied with raw materials, while a new batch can be prepared in the batch mixer. The conveying screw and storage tank are matched to the production capacity of the respective extruder model.

Continuous moisturiser

Continuous moisturiser

The dry substances can be moistened with water or substances containing water. Apart from direct water addition into the batch mixer, it may be advantageous or even necessary for some products to add water immediately before the actual extrusion process in order to achieve certain product properties or to enable the moisturisation of certain special recipes at all. The continuous moisturiser is also suitable for quickly compensating for moisture fluctuations in the raw materials during production and thus avoiding potentially resulting production losses.

Direct Liquids Injection

Direct Liquids Injection (DLI) is a further development of the patented TURBO technology that enables the injection of a certain amount of water or other low viscosity fluids directly into the process section. Even very sticky substances or liquid colours can be incorporated into the process to achieve new attractive products in terms of colour and texture without contaminating the raw material preparation system.

In combination with the addition of water to the batch mixer, this results in a flexible, economical water dosing system that allows the extrusion moisture content to be easily controlled during production.

Direct Liquids Injection